About i-spero®

If you are depressed or anxious, finding effective strategies to address your wellbeing can be difficult. These strategies, interventions, and techniques can take weeks and often months to work and support during this time or during recovery may not always be immediately accessible.

i-spero® supports you by helping you assess and understand your own symptoms and how they are changing over this time. As you address your mental health concerns, i-spero® records and monitors your progress and maps your road to recovery. i-spero® is flexible and allows you to add care plans/activities, appointments, request email reminders, and share your information with those involved with your care, including family members, friends, or healthcare providers. If your symptoms are not improving, you can also modify your care plan on i-spero® to reflect a new approach and monitor how your symptoms respond to it.

For more information about i-spero® please visit our website www.i-spero.com.

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