About i-spero®

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or experiencing low mood finding effective strategies to address your well-being can be difficult. i-spero supports you by helping you assess and understand your own symptoms and how they are changing over time. As you address your mental health and well-being concerns, i-spero records and monitors your progress and maps your road to improvement. i-spero is customizable to your needs and allows you to add well-being care plans and activities, appointments, set email reminders, and share your information with anyone involved in your care including family members, friends or healthcare providers. I-spero will also provide you with some general feedback and signpost you to some suggested resources. If your symptoms are not improving, you can also modify your well-being plan and activities on i-spero to reflect a new approach and monitor how your symptoms respond.

For more information about i-spero® please visit our website www.i-spero.com.

For more information about U-Flourish Well-Being Research visit www.queensu.ca/u-flourish.