Frequently asked questions

Is there a guide to help me learn to use i-spero®?

i-spero® has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. We have also prepared an e-learning step-by-step user guide for students, which can be accessed here.
To view the e-learning guide clearly, you might want to use a device with a bigger screen, such as a laptop or iPad, rather than a smartphone.

Can I make an appointment with QSWS directly through i-spero?

No – i-spero is a standalone, student-facing health record. If you would like to make an appointment for your mental health at QSWS, you must call or e-mail the clinic to do so. I-spero is also being offered through the clinic as an enhanced care option (see here for more details). If you would like to have your care provider at QSWS view your i-spero data while you are in care please select "Enhanced care" in the 'Settings' tab. Your i-spero account will look the same, but your care provider will now be able to view your dashboard, too.

Can I change the timing of reminders for my i-spero wellbeing plans (medications, appointments, and so on)?

No – this is a customizable feature we are working on updating for a future release of i-spero. Currently, it is not possible to change the timing of reminders. All reminders will be sent at 9AM EST.

I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

On the i-spero® sign in page, Click on the "Forgotten password?" link. You will then be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password. If you have not received instructions within a few minutes, please check your Junk Mail folder.

I have forgotten my sign in email address, what should I do?

Your sign in is the email address you originally registered with – your email.

I am having trouble signing in. Why might this be?

Check that you have entered the sign in email address and password correctly. Your sign in email address and password are case sensitive. If your email address and password match what you selected and you are still experiencing difficulties signing in, you might have been locked out of your account after 3 unsuccessful sign in attempts. See the "I am locked out of my account, what can I do?" instructions below.

I am locked out of my account, what can I do?

After 3 unsuccessful sign in attempts, your account will be temporarily locked. An automatic email will be sent to you, containing instructions on how to unlock your account. If you have not received unlock instructions within a few minutes, please check your Junk Mail folder. If you still have not received unlock instructions, click on the "Didn't receive unlock instructions?" link on the i-spero® sign in page, and another email will be sent.

How do I make access to i-spero® easier?

  • Bookmark the login page - bookmarking for future reference can be a time saver. You can add a webpage to your browser's Bookmarks / Favourites by clicking on the star icon and adding it to your appropriate Bookmark / Favourites folder.
  • Remember password - you can turn on the "remember your ID and password" in your browser via "Settings" (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge) or "Preferences" (Safari and Firefox)
    Please note: This should only be done on personal devices. If you are using a public device e.g. the walk-in clinic's tablet or library computer, do not save your sign in details.

Can I use my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, i-spero® can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

What are the device, operating system, browser and accessibility requirements covered by i-spero®?

i-spero® can be accessed on any device connected to the internet while using:

  • Chrome (version 75.0.3770.89 and above)
  • Firefox (version 67.0.4 and above)
  • Microsoft Edge (44.17763.1.0 and above)
  • Safari (version 12.1.1 and above)

Both Android (recommended version 7 and above) and Apple iOS (recommended version 12 and above) operating systems can be used to access i-spero®. We currently do not support Internet Explorer, so do not recommend you use this.

I am still having problems using i-spero®. What do I do?

The FAQ list will be updated regularly; however, If you have a question about how you can use i-spero® that has not been covered, or are still having problems, we recommend you:

  • Review the e-learning guide available on the U-Flourish website here.
  • Contact the research team at

I don’t want to use i-spero anymore. What do I do?

You can delete your account through the 'Settings' tab. This will permanently delete your account and your personal details.